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by Limousine Bull

We’ll be heading over to the Academy Shopping Center on Friday night to check out new pop-up creative space OFFSET 57.

It all kicks off around 7pm and there will be a host of makers on hand displaying their creations, including local lads WildWolves, who will be launching a new run of t-shirts on the night.

Check out Moodofcollapse‘s blog for all the details.


In the meantime, take a peek at the OFFSET57 facebook page and give them a like.

See y’all there!

Nov 16 12

34 Ashley Road

by Limousine Bull

Potential New Space – 34 Ashley Road Aberdeen

by Limousine Bull
Apologies for the ropey photos but it was ark and the workmen were in stripping the remains of the hairdressers from the premises!
I did take photos of the main shop front (exhibition space) but cannot seem to find them to upload…
I have instead included photos I found online of how it was in its former state as a hairdressers, so you can see how it looks fitted out nicely with good lighting, you also get a better idea of space.
All of these photos will be uploaded separately.
The space will be a blank canvas, anyone interested can dictate how it is refurbished, ie; wall colour, layout, lighting requirements…
The larger room will become two open plan studios. These are likely £90p/m each including bills and insurance.
This space was used as a treatment room for waxing, spray tanning etc. The whole lower floor is fully kitted out with electricity, running water, flooring and is damp-proof etc
The smaller room will likely be £50p/m including bills, due to its size. Lighting will have to be installed so can be completely dictated by the user. There is enough room for a generous desk and plenty of wall space + a small cupboard built in to the wall.All users will have full access to facilities, including the main exhibition space on entrance level to test ideas and even exhibit.
There will be an annual exhibition for project space users, and regular open studios (optional participation). We also want to enter the collective in NEOS, Aberdeen Art Fair, Tea Cosy, and other big events in the arts calendar.
Space users will be automatic members of the collective, invited to join the committee, and will be fully represented by the collective.
No vital decisions will be made regarding the space or the lease terms without full consultation of the users.No formal deposit is required, only the first month upfront.

Viewings can be arranged, but as we have already seen the space twice it should be co-ordinated so all interested parties could view together.

Anyone interested should submit a formal enquiry detailing your intentions and contact information to us via a private message, or email;

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.