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G5/6 – Guise

by Limousine Bull on August 30th, 2011

Tuesday 6 September · 7.30 – 10.30pm

A one night only performance art event from artists:

Karolina Szpyrko
Peter Mcrae
Laura Doole
Laura Thomson with Haig Massie

There will be music to end the event from Haig Massie and Laura Thomson.

Text Accompanying Performance: 


by Karolina Szpyrko

‘If human action is free, its quality cannot consist in its somehow escaping from determinants of the world we live in’

- Jürgen Habermas, ‘Hermeneutik und Ideologiekritik’

This performance attempts to explore the artist’s vision of reality, as we perceive it in everyday activities. Simple items of daily use such as a chair or a tablecloth turn out to be obstacles in to the path of moving and living.   A seemingly trivial walking lesson is presented as a painful struggle to progress. Monochromatic settings (canvas, table, and chair) are being contrasted with intensive colours, Butoh-inspired gestures and inharmonic music.  The main idea of the performance is rooted in the ambiguity of human creativity and the ways in which human beings can be free.  The performance draws upon the dialectical concept of reality as both constructed and constructing at the same time.  The title of the performance is ‘Untitled’, particularly to reflect upon the uncertainty of human acts, and the various possibilities for understanding them.

Untitled – Karolina Szpyrko from Limousine Bull on Vimeo.


Interpreting Art

by Laura Mellea Thomson

The basic theme of my piece is ‘interpreting art’, shown by transforming a song into a drawing and then back into a song. This interpretation represents the uniqueness of one’s thought process and the ability to understand and appreciate art on many different levels. The song will be interpreted only through drums; to me percussion is the most raw and expressive of all musical instruments.

Unknown to the percussionist, Haig Massie, I will be using a song that he has written. The actual song he is interpreting is just over three minutes long, and the drums are fairly simple.

I am inviting you to listen to the piece and work it back into a drawing, shape, colour or emotion that is entirely different to the one I have made.

Interpreting Art from Limousine Bull on Vimeo.


Occasional Dances – No. 3

by Peter McRae

A slight view of the complex workings of the financial crisis, with apologies to Dada, and Duchamp in particular …..  a couple of years on, and no magic solution in sight.  A case of the cure being worse than the complaint, perhaps?


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