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Limousine Bull – Where we stand at present.

by Limousine Bull on October 29th, 2012

Hello ladies and gents.


For those of you who are not aware, my name is Kay and I am Lim Bull’s current ‘Chairperson’, of sorts.


I understand that the whole situation with Lim Bull over the past few months has been very hazy, and now I have a clearer view of it myself, I would like to be as transparent as I can, and update you so hopefully we can all move on with a good mutual understanding.


When our funding proposal was rejected around February this year, we were left a little in shock, and obviously worried for LB’s future, as (for one reason or another) ACC’s funding was our only source of outside funding, and one we seemingly relied very heavily on. Once this was not available, the £1,300 p/m rent we were paying for the space, plus bills, became too much to find and we ultimately took the decision to move from Torry, until such times as we could source alternative funding, or successfully revert to pop-up exhibitions.

With the future of LB such an uncertainty, it was felt we should put off asking for membership renewals until we could be sure we would be able to follow through with something to offer in return. It was my fault they had not been requested sooner, as that was my responsibility and I had forgotten to do it as I was in my final year at Gray’s and my dissertation had pushed lots of other issues to the back of my mind, for which I could only apologize.


At the time we were due to leave Torry, we advertised the contents we could not take with us to a new location, or would not help us in the future, for collection by any interested creatives or charitable organizations to claim. We even invited Creative Waste Exchange and the British Heart Foundation furniture and electronics charity shop (Union Street). Some items were collected, and all other of these not essential items were, unfortunately, disposed of.

Currently ALL of the paperwork, files, documents, and other admin LB has ever had is in my attic, along with all the electronic equipment and a few items of office furniture, as we could not afford secure storage. As I have previously mentioned on here, the equipment can still be signed out by anyone wishing to use it, for short term loan, for creative purposes.


When we discovered ACC had given details of a new round of funding, with applications to be submitted just 6 weeks after our rejection notice, we put together a greatly revised funding proposal and were due to apply for just £1,700 of the £10,000 available to our category. On the day and almost exact time of the deadline for this, Carrie messaged the rest of us on the committee, saying she had decided not to submit the application, as she thought ACC’s demands upon applicants were too strict to follow for such a small amount of funding.


I realize there was a ‘funding committee’ agreed at the EGM, which I missed due to work commitments, but that never came to fruition. When we probed Carrie about the progress made with this, she told us there had been firm interest in it at the EGM, but afterwards the volunteers did not have the commitment or enthusiasm to follow through, and it was essentially a hollow gesture. Since talking to people myself, this appears to be untrue, as it is said that she never actually got in touch with those who had volunteered, and it was assumed the idea had been abandoned.  I know there was a crowd funding video created by Fraser, but each time I confronted Carrie about how it would be put to use, she always said the funding committee were to deal with it. Obviously it seems they were never actually contacted. I do not know any more than that.


These events obviously left us with nothing at all; no funding, no spaces, and our last reasonable opportunity of funding gone. As you can imagine, we were a little upset!

With this in mind, we no longer felt it was right to ask for membership fees or renewals, as we had nothing to offer, and not much chance of offering anything worthy in the foreseeable future.


Carrie then left LB, leaving just myself and Peter, who had already long since served his time on the committee, but had been trying to advise us as best he could.


As Carrie had always been insistent on dealing with the day-to-day running of LB herself, despite our urges for her to delegate, or impart some of her knowledge, we were left with no way of logging in to the LB website, internet banking, or even knowing who we paid bills to. It has only been recently that I have discovered all of our accounts were still open, and have only just managed to close them down, as it was her name on the accounts.


We currently have £100 in the bank, and it is only the BT phone-line that still needs to be shut off but this is very expensive! rest assured, I will be finding a way to sort this immediately.


Wendy has very kindly helped me discover the details for adjusting the website, so this will be updated asap. I had not been reading the emails sent to, as I believed Carrie had closed the plusnet account when she changed our email over to gmail back in July. This was not the case, obviously, and I can only apologize for any unanswered emails.


Currently, as you have probably realized, a few enthusiastic volunteers, and myself, are looking for new premises, which will include studio space, exhibition space, and a small workshop. Having learnt from previous funding failings, we are attempting to find a location where we can be self-sufficient and not have to lean dependently on outside funding.

We have been offered a meeting with a Creative Scotland rep, to re-open lines of communication and share our ideas for the future, to see how Creative Scotland can help us move forward, which is obviously a very exciting opportunity.

We will also be applying to any other appropriate funding opportunities we can find in the new financial year to help with the future.


I call myself a chairperson ‘of sorts’, as I honestly do not know how describe what I am currently doing. I am trying to do what I can to keep the creative spirit of the collective and its friends and members alive, and so we can once again facilitate creativity in Aberdeen in the future. I sincerely hope that we can get back on track, either carrying on LB, or developing into something completely new.

In order to move forward, we need to know exactly what it is Aberdeen’s cultural scene believes it needs or what it expects from a collective.

I have tried to be as transparent as possible with you, as I do not believe we can build a future pretending everything is ok, or trying to hide our failings and troubles from those who want to support us.



I hope this has made the situation somewhat clearer for you all, and of course if you have any further questions, comments, suggestions, or would like to get involved please do not hesitate to get in touch or comment here.

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