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Life Drawing

Life Drawing sessions are held on Wednesday evenings from 7 – 9 pm at the Aberdeen Quaker Meeting Place: 98 Crown StreetAberdeen, AB11 6HJ; £4 members, £5 Non-members.

These sessions provide an opportunity for artists of all abilities to work and experiment with different media, whilst practising their life drawing skills.  The sessions are open to everyone on a drop in basis, providing a vital social platform for the local artist’s community and are becoming increasingly popular.

Occassional all day sessions are arranged during weekends, which have also been very successful, allowing a more extended approach to drawing.

An annual exhibition of these life drawings at Limousine Bull, is an excellent opportunity for the artists to experience showing their work, and to see how their practice has developed week on week.

Contact us via email,, or on our facebook page for more information. Alternatively leave a reply for our attention.

  1. Dominika Hád?lová permalink

    I am new fresher interested in the life drawing at Limousine Bull. Plese could you send me more information (eg.what do I need to do/bring)? (:

    Kind regards,

  2. Rosa permalink

    Hi! I’ve just seen your life drawing class and although it’s probably too late to join in this evening, I was wondering if I can join next week? How much are the classes? And what materials should I bring?

  3. Leon permalink

    Dear Dominika and Rosa,

    Thanks for your emails. You are welcome to any of the wednesday life drawing classes. We have a model posing in the nude in various -short and long poses. One session is 2 hour long from 7pm on the dot until 9pm. You could bring in any material that you like. You have the freedom to do whatever you like. It is £5.00 per session (non-members and £4.00 members).

    Our next session is tomorrow evening 30 November.



  4. Lynn Duff permalink

    Hello, Really interested in your life drawing classes. Are they tutor taught? Also what equipment, materials do I require ? Not sure where your space is.



  5. Lynn,

    Our life drawing classes on a wednesday evening from 6 – 8pm with class co-ordinator Leon Moller, there is a small fee to cover the cost of the model. Our premises are just as you come into Torry, if you head over the Victoria bridge and take the first left and as you turn in there is an entrance for the Deemouth Business centre on you’re left head straight through and our door is red and white you can’t miss it. You will need to bring your own equipment but can use whatever you life.


  6. Lucia permalink

    heyy guys. I am interested in figure drawing which is every Wednesday. Is it still going on? I would like to be a part of that because I want to improve my skills, enjoy your group and have fun… Please let me knoww :) Thanks a lot…Lucia <3

  7. hi, Enjoyed the wednesday session. Now I want to come to the weekend, as I am busy on weds now…please let me know if there are any extra classes scheduled! thanks, Mags

  8. Hi Leon,

    I’m really wanting to get back into my drawing, so am really interested in these life drawing classes. Are they still on?



  9. Leon permalink

    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for your email. Yes the life drawing classes are still running on Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm. Look forward to seeing you there..
    Regards Leon

  10. Sarah permalink

    Are these classes still running? Is the above info still current (June 2012)?

  11. Ann permalink


    I was wondering if there are any life drawing classes or workshops still running, and if so if they will be running through out autumn?

    Thanks :)

  12. catherine whiteman permalink

    Hi I used to be on your mailing list. Is the life drawing still happening on a wed? I am a member, but what is the cost for non-members as a friend would like to come as well. Thank you for your help.

  13. Mary-Ann permalink

    Hi have the life drawing sessions commenced this year?

  14. Hi sarah sorry i have only just gained access to this website from my predecessors to update it! Yes lifedrawing is still running and its £4 memebers £5 non members, and takes place every wednesday in the quaker building on crown street, aberdeen. i think the building number is 98. thanks! kay

  15. Hi Mary-Ann yes they are still taking place and will be until christmas where they will then break until new year. sessions are every wednesday from 7-9pm in the quaker building on crown street, and cost £4 for members and £5 for non members. many thanks and sorry for the late reply! I am about to update the website with the new information!


  16. Hi catherine sorry for the late reply have just learnt how to operate the website! It still takes place every wednesday 7-9pm but is now held in the quaker building on crown street, aberdeen, since we have moved from the torry premises. it is still charged at £4 members £5 non members. Life model provided but please bring your own drawing materials; you may use whatever you wish!

    Many thanks

  17. hello Ann so sorry for the late reply, have just learnt how to operate the website (still learning bits!) Yes our lifedrawing is still going strong and takes place every wednesday in the quaker building on crown street, aberdeen, from 7-9pm. £4 members and £5 non-members. life model is provided but please bring your own drawing materials; you may use whatever medium you wish!


  18. Nlvw permalink

    Great to see you’ve moved and up and running. If you need a male model….let me know

  19. Fern permalink

    please could you clarify what level of teaching/tuition if any is offered at the life drawing session? Thanks.

  20. Lovely thanks, I’m looking in to running all day sessions again so would need either someone to pose at intervals throughout the day, or for a few people to take shifts; not sure what would be best at the moment but if you send your details to I will be in touch when we know more.

  21. Hi Fern
    There is no formal tuition but the sessions are guided. For example, the model sits for 3 three minute quick sketches, 1 ten minute, and then after a break they finish with a half hour. During the break, attendees exchange constructive comments and generally help each other before the final more detailed sitting.
    The class leaders also participate in the session, so they too take part in the constructive exchange, so there is a breadth of feedback and a shared learning experience.
    I hope this helps you!

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