I am an investor. Know me?

The risk is the door to opportunity, and only that's when you can grow and also make your money grow. Investing and making your money grow is all about making the right risk and grabbing hold of the opportunity that appears. As an investor, I started spending at a very early stage of my life. It began by making small time investments in the share market.

During the initial stages of investment, now having the right information proved to be hazardous and I lost quite a bit of my investment. Then I started getting an idea of how things worked in the stock market. This information helped and then I started investing in the right places and started making profits. The profits were minimalistic; since out of fear I was not making significant investments. I knew that if I wanted to grow my profits, my finances would need to get larger. Then after being the stock market for so long and took that risk and decided to make a big chance. I decided to play around with a large amount of my savings. And I invested the same in the stock market. The risk was substantial, I would either make it big or lose everything, and that's what happened. My investment came back to me more than doubled, and since that day there has been no looking back.

Investing in startups is the riskiest opportunity; however, it is also the most beneficial opportunity that you would encounter. The risks being that you don't know if the company will make it or not and whether your investment will flourish or it will sink. Whoever if the company does make it, then you know that the profits that you make are high since the venture was created when the company was smaller.

I have been investing a lot of my liquid money in start-ups, for some, I have already seen good outcomes, and for some, I have to look at still the investment returning back to me.